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16 Adorable Toys for the Bathtub

There are few things better than the smell of a baby after a bath, but bath time isn’t always the easiest.

Some little ones dread getting into the water, which can cause quite a headache for mom and dad. You can make bath time fun and more appealing by incorporating some fun bath toys.


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Best Baby Toys for the Bathtub

Not only do they help associate baths with playtime, but they can also be a fun way for parents and babies to bond through interaction.

#1 - 3 Bees & Me

This toy set is a great deal; you get four boats without having to purchase each one separately. The use of primary colors and numbers help promote learning while developing motor skills through play.

The gender-neutral design makes this set ideal for any little boy or girl. They are made with child-safe BPA-free materials, and are recommended for children 18 months and older.

#2 - Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

Fun and safety in the bathtub starts with the spout. You don’t want your baby getting and bumps, cuts, or bruises from the metal faucet, so try covering it with this cute whale.

It’s not necessarily a toy, but looking at the cute whale can make bath time more fun. Made with soft but tough rubber that is BPA, phthalate, and PVC free, and can be used on any faucet.

#3 - Nuby Floating Foam Bath Animals

This is another great bath toy from Nuby. The set include 16 foam sea animals that not only float on the water but also stick to the walls of the bath, creating a fun way for your baby to express their imagination and artistic capabilities.

Again, being made by Nuby, these toys are BPA-free and child-safe for babies over 6 months of age.

#4 - Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles

These fun little toys are great for younger babies who love things that rattle, roll, and shine. The set includes four plastic bubbles, with textured rings that move freely and feature fun designs and animal friends (penguin and turtle).

The animals are weighted so they remain upright no matter which way your baby holds the ball and the bubbles float on the water so you don’t need to worry about digging them out if your baby drops them.

#5 - Munchkin Little Boat Train

You read that right: it’s a boat train. These 6 boats link together to create a train that floats on the water and can even be used to scoop the water for more fun.

The colors and numbers on the boats encourage learning, and each boat has a funny face that is sure to keep your little on entertained.

#6 - Munchkin Bath Bobbers

Munchkin does it again with the super cute design of these little bath bobbers. Your baby will have fun watching the little penguin and polar bear wobble and float on the water.

They are lightweight, easy for little hands to hold, and made with materials that are safe for babies over 6 months old.

#7 - Munchkin CleanSqueeze Mold-Free Squirters

Unlike traditional water squirting toys, these don’t allow mold to grow inside where you can’t reach it. Each of the four squirters unscrew to open up and allow for easier cleaning and drying.

The designs are adorable, as to be expected from Munchkin, with a diver, shark, walrus, and penguin, and are easy for little hands to use.

#8 - Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

What better way to turn bath time into learning time with these foam letters and numbers from Munchkin. The set comes with 36 foam pieces: 26-letter alphabet and 10 numbers (0-9).

The toys float on the water and stick to the walls when wet. You and your little one can learn to count, recognize letters, and even introduce simple words together.

#9 - Munchkin Lazy Buoys

Little seal and penguin offer versatile and imaginative play with this toy set. 5 toys are included: 2 floating friends, 2 scoop and strain cups, and 1 spinning ball.

With these toys, your baby can nest the cups or spinning ball inside the floating seal and penguin, and play by using the water to scoop, strain, and spin with the toys.

#10 - Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups

This cute little toy set combines the fun of classic stacking cups with bath time. The colorful cups link together to make a caterpillar, and when taken apart, they can be stacked or nested for easy storage.

The cups can be used to scoop and pour the water and some have holes that can strain the water, and the top cup has a spinner for extra fun.

#11 - Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin

This little penguin has its goggles on and is ready for a swim. Just wind up the arms and it will swim right across the water.

There are some reviewers that claim the toy will take in water and sink easily, but others say it works just fine. Just be aware that the toy may not always work as expected.

#12 - Oball Grasp and Splash

Oball is known for their unique and easy-to-grasp toys, which are perfect for small hands and little fingers. These bath toys do not disappoint.

The set includes a total of 9 toys: 3 Scoop N’ Spill cups, 2 Tubby Scoop Friends (turtle and starfish), Wind N’ Swim turtle, and Sink N’ Spill whale. Your little one is sure to have a blast with the variety of toys.

#13 - Oball Float Bath Toy

The classic Oball design now floats! No need to worry about your baby losing this toy under the water and bubbles since it is fitted with a central plastic buoy that keeps it afloat.

Just like with the classic Oball, this toy is easy for little hands to grasp and is made with soft, flexible plastic that is safe for babies over 6 months of age.

#14 - Abisedrin Starfish Floating Sprayer

Add a whole new dimension to bath time with this fun starfish sprayer. This battery-operated toy (batteries not included) comes with two spray attachments that spin and give the water flow different patterns.

The design is also baby friendly (over 12 months) with rounded edges that prevent injury. Just beware that bath time can get very messy with this toy.

#15 - Boon JELLIES Suction Cup

This unique toy set features a simple but cute design and offers loads of imaginative fun. The set comes with 9 suction cup jellyfish that not only stick to the bathtub walls but can also stack on top of each other.

Made with BPA-free plastic, these jellyfish toys are safe for babies over 12 months old.

#16 - Nuby Octopus Hoopla

Being a big fan of octopi, this toy is one of my favorites. This adorable little purple octopus floats on the water and comes with 3 rings for your baby to toss onto its legs. It is not only fun to play with, but also helps your baby to improve their hand-eye coordination.

Since it is made by a reputable company, you can ensure that it is BPA-free and safe for children 18 months and older.

A Word about Squirt Toys and Cleaning

As you can see, we have not included any of the ever-popular squirt toys on our list. There is nothing wrong with these, per se, but without proper care and attention, they can become a hazard to your baby.

The problem with squirt toys is that they cannot be properly dried after every bath due to not allowing airflow through the tiny hole. This means that water and moisture are trapped inside where it is dark, and the toy becomes a breeding ground for mold, which can cause respiratory infections and other health problems.

With any bath toys – squirt toys especially – you need to take the time to properly clean them regularly to kill bacteria and prevent mold growth.

Try these cleaning tricks

  • 1 - Boil the toys in hot water, squeeze out any yuck, and allow to dry completely.
  • 2 - Combine ¾ cup of bleach with a gallon of water, set the toys to soak overnight, and allow to dry completely.
  • 3 - Combine ½ cup of white vinegar with a gallon of water, set the toys to soak overnight, and allow to dry completely.
  • 4 - Run the toys through the dishwasher, which will sanitize and kill anything that may be growing.
  • 5 - Invest in proper toy storage, like a tray or net, which will allow the toys to drain and dry completely after use.

As you can see, allowing the toys to completely dry inside and out is just as important as getting them clean. Keep your baby healthy and safe by taking the proper precautions.

Final Words

If you are looking for a way to make bath time more enjoyable for you and baby, try some of these bath toys.

What do you think of our list? Let us know, and share this link with others who may enjoy it.

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