crib hanging thing explained

The Thing That Hangs Over the Baby Crib

Are you expecting and already set up a nursery for your baby? One of the things you must have set in the room is a baby's crib.

While setting the cot up, you notice an accessory that hangs over it, and you keep asking, what is this accessory called and perhaps its benefits to the crib and your baby?


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If you are still asking this question, you are not alone.

Parents alike also ask the same question.

But don't worry!

You will get to know the name and benefits of the thing that hangs over the baby crib in a moment. 

Just relax, grab a cup of coffee, and let's go!

What Is the Thing That Hangs over the Baby Crib Called?

The thing that hangs above the baby crib is called a crib mobile or cot mobile. 

The name may sound quite off because it doesn't look like an accessory for mobility or a handle for carrying the cot. 

Crib toy hanger explained

Crib toy hanger

Yet, that is its name, and you're about to find out why it is an essential feature of your baby's crib.

The crib mobile may be cot-mounted or as a ceiling hanging.

The accessory could come with some colorful and lightweight toys hanging on them or plain but with clips attached to them.

A crib mobile is also rotatable and often battery-powered.

Benefits of a Crib Mobile

A crib mobile isn't there as a decor.

The primary function of the crib mobile is to relax your tot. But that's not all.

hanging toys for crib

Hanging toys for crib

Some of the reasons this crib hanging thing is essential for your baby cot are:

  • A crib mobile serves as a crib toy hanger. Some crib mobiles come with strings that enable you to hang other toys below it. These toys can even help stimulate the visual perception of tots.
  • Crib mobiles can be entertaining: Depending on the brand, crib mobiles may have an in-built music box. That means your little one gets to hear enjoyable tunes.
  • Works as a pacifier: Have you tried all you should, and the baby is still crying? A crib mobile can offer the best distraction in music and movement to excite your baby, and the crying would stop.
  • Mobiles help babies sleep: The gentle spin of the object hanging from above the cot, coupled with soft lullabies playing from its music box, puts babies to sleep.
  • Improve cognitive function: Studies reveal that music is mentally stimulating for babies' brains and positively affects the overall development of their brains.

Most children will find the thing that hangs over the baby crib very helpful.

You must use the accessory rightly to ensure your baby gets the best out of it.

Is the Thing That Hangs over the Baby Crib (Crib Mobile) Safe?

Generally, hanging things over a baby crib isn't safe, especially when you are not there to monitor it.

thing that hangs above crib

Is thing that hangs above crib safe?

Potential dangers of hanging things over a crib include:

  • Physical injury: This can occur if the crib toy hanger is too low or babies try reaching the toys. If a baby can touch them, there is the possibility they may fall. Thus, causing severe injuries to your baby.
  • Hurt baby sleep: Some people have argued that music produced by crib mobiles can distract babies from sleeping rather than putting them to sleep. However, this is yet to be backed by strong scientific evidence.

How Can You Use a Crib Mobile Safely?

Crib mobiles are often safe if you mind the necessary usage precautions.

Crib hanging thing

Thing above baby crib - a crib mobile!

We advise that you read the instruction manual for setting up the crib and the cot mobile.

Some safety tips for using the thing that hangs over baby cribs are as follows:

  • Use at optimum height: the baby mobile must be high enough to be out of reach yet visible by the baby. That should be at least twelve inches from the crib.
  • Ensure clips are functional: When hanging toy for crib, ensure each clip is firm so that it does not fall on the baby.
  • Do not hang items with long strings or ribbons: Items hanged with long strings or ribbons can strangulate babies if they get to them.
  • Use only recommended toys: Most toys coming with the cot for hanging on baby mobiles are safe. These baby hanging toys are simple, light, and colorful. Do not dangle DIYs on the cot mobile since you can't tell how secure they are.
  • Use for the appropriate age only: Crib mobiles are designed for babies that lie on their back most time. Once babies begin raising themselves on their hands and knees, they can easily reach the thing that hangs over the baby crib (crib mobile). Tots often reach this milestone between 4 to 5 months. So, it is pertinent to remove the crib mobile once they get to this age.

Is It Good to Hang Things over a Baby Crib?

Whether it is not safe to hang things over a baby crib depends on how you install them.

Besides the crib mobile, other things you could hang above the baby's crib include:

  • Nursery wall art
  • Ribbons
  • Mirror

Most pediatrics frown at these options because many of them may fall off and hurt your baby.

However, if you wish to have these items above the baby cot, you must ensure they are well-fastened to the wall above them and not overhead the crib.

Also, ensure these items are far from your baby. You can hang them at least one foot from the wall.


Now that you know what the thing that hangs over the baby crib is called and the purpose it serves, using it appropriately lies with you.

If you stick to the manufacturer's instructions when setting up the cot mobile, you shouldn't have any problem.

Overall, beyond the safety tips discussed in this article, we recommend that you never leave your baby alone when using the baby mobile.

Most baby cot accidents are avoidable with adult supervision. Watch your baby chuckle and drift to sleep.

After all, these will linger as beautiful memories forever.

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