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Fisher price rainforest jumperoo benefits

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – In-Depth Review

Every parent wants the best for their child. We scour product reviews and advice columns to ensure that we are doing everything we can to give our babies the best we can find.

Oftentimes, we just wish that someone would come right out and tell us what to do or buy to save us the time an headache that research requires.

Well, when it comes to stationary jumpers, look no further than the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo.


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Why Purchase a Stationary Baby Jumper?

When compared to traditional baby walkers, stationary jumpers are much safer. There is no risk of your baby falling down the stairs or being seriously injured with a good quality jumper.

Jumpers are believed by most to help improve babies’ motor skills, but there is little evidence to back this up. However, that doesn’t mean that jumpers are without their benefits.

They provide loads of entertainment for your baby, giving you a safe place to put them while you take a break or get a few things done around the house.


Just be sure not to leave your baby in the jumper for longer than 20 minutes at a time as the seat does not provide proper ergonomically correct support for your baby’s spinal and hip development.

In addition, jumpers can be a great way for your baby to expend built-up energy. They are able to jump and bounce all of their energy out, which can lead to better sleep for both your baby and you.

The Most Popular Stationary Jumper on the Market: The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Even though there have been numerous baby jumper models new to the market since this one was originally released in 2006, there are several reasons why his one still remains a popular purchase today in 2018. I will go into these in more detail shortly.

It is lightweight and has a small frame (only 32” x 32” x 37”) and even folds slightly more compact to allow for easy storage and portability.

Please note that this jumper is recommended only for babies that can hold their heads with no support and are not big enough to climb out on their own. This means about 4 months of age up to 25 pounds.


Putting this jumper together is relatively easy and requires no tools with the exception of a small screwdriver for the one electronic toy (for the battery compartment). Be prepared to give yourself about 15-20 minutes to put it together.

Start by attaching the toys to the saucer, including battery installation for the removable electronic piano. These just snap into place with the help of little plastic clips.

Next, you want to build the base. Be sure you follow the instructions for this part, as the three pieces look very similar. The base is supposed to fold/collapse and if it is put together incorrectly, this feature will not work.These pieces (and the others that will follow) fasten together with a ball-and-spring tension connection.

After the base is assembled, you can attach the saucer (where the seat and toys attach). This is suspended above the base by three poles that snap into the base. Once this is installed, you can attach the last two overhead toys.

Your final step is the seat assembly and attachment. The cover is removable for washing, so it just slips over a few small clips on the underside of the seat. After the cover is attached, you can simply snap the seat into place on the saucer, and assembly is complete.

What makes it So Great?

As promised, here are more details on the benefits and features you get with this jumper.


As I previously mentioned, baby jumpers are generally a safer choice than traditional baby walkers are. They keep your baby in one place and reduces the risk of tipping and falling down staircases.

In addition, this walker is a standalone jumper rather than a doorway jumper, which makes it quite a bit safer.

Doorway jumpers rely on a single clamp to hold it up, and if the doorway dimensions are incorrect, you could put your baby at risk for falling and injury, not to mention the injuries they could sustain from bumping into the doorway itself.

You also don’t need to worry about your baby’s fingers being pinched in the jumper springs thanks to the covers on the suspension cords.


Fisher-Price is a well-known baby product company, so you can rest assured that you will be getting good quality products from them.

All of the plastic is BPA-free, which is especially important when it comes to the toys and pieces that may touch your baby’s mouth.

The base and poles are metal, which ensures strength and durability. There is little need to worry about this jumper collapsing or tipping with your baby inside.

Activity Center

You want your baby’s jumper to be entertaining and stimulating, and the Rainforest Jumperoo isn’t short on entertainment for your little one.

There are 5 toy stations, including a removable electronic piano, as well as 2 overhead dangling toys to stimulate your baby at multiple heights. These toys feature rainforest friends, including elephants, monkeys, lizards, and frogs.

In addition to the interactive piano, music and animal sounds can be activated by your baby’s bouncing, which can encourage them to move more and burn more energy.

Positive Reviews

Check out some of the positive things people are saying about this jumper.

Testimonial #1: “It has been well-spend money! Anna loves jumping in it. When she's tired of jumping she plays with the toys. When she tires of that we turn her to play with different toys. Then she jumps some more. Because of this I can finally eat breakfast at a normal pace, fold a load of laundry, or take a mental break for my sanity.”

Testimonial #2: “The best thing about this model is it is foldable! It can fold down in half to be put away in a closet or moved to another room easily […] Other models are too wide to be moved through a doorway and would need to be taken apart to be stored in a closet.”

Testimonial #3: “Our happy, easy 4 month old began getting very cranky and stopped sleeping through the night. We guessed she was frustrated and wanted to move and exercise. We purchased this after reading thousands of reviews on all the bouncers on the market. I'm so glad we got this. Our daughter loved it and went back to her happy self after using this to exercise a few minutes at a time a couple times a day.”


No product is without its downside(s), though. Even though this jumper has very few things to complain about, the few are worth mentioning.

The seat cover takes a bit of patience and practice to put on and take off successfully.

There is a lot of resistance in the spinning seat making it difficult for your baby to turn around on their own.

It is recommended to put pants on your baby rather than letting them jump in a onesie or diaper only since the seat material has been known to scratch little legs.

Still takes up quite a bit of space even when collapsed, so traveling with it may be difficult with a small vehicle or little trunk space.


If you are looking for a good stationary jumper for your baby, consider the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Not only is it entertaining for your baby but it is also safer than doorway jumpers or traditional walkers.

What do you think of this jumper? Do you have personal experience to share? Let us know!

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