Baby Swing Weight Limit guide

What Is the Safe Baby Swing Weight Limit?

First and foremost, congratulation on your safe delivery!

Now, one of the ways to create a womb-like environment for your baby is by putting the baby in a baby swing.

A baby swing can help lull your baby to sleep and provide optimum entertainment for her.

But, before you put your baby in a baby swing, you must be aware of the baby swing weight limit.

So, what is the safe baby swing weight limit? 


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As a whole, the safe baby swings weight limit is between 5 pounds and 35 pounds. But, some baby swings can still accommodate weight more than this.

Therefore, which baby swing accommodates weight more than 35 pounds?

You will discover an answer to this question in an instant. 

You will also learn some tips for keeping your baby safe on a baby swing.

So, read on!

The Safe Baby Swing Weight Limit

The average weight limit on a baby swing is between 5 pounds and 35 pounds.

However, this still varies from brand to brand.

For instance, the Graco baby swing weight limit is 30 lbs.

Graco baby swing weight limit

Graco baby swing weight limit

At the same time, the Mamaroo baby swing weight limit usually ranges between 5 lbs to 25 lbs.

The Baby swing weight limits for other brands are:

  • The Fisher-price baby swing weight limit is 25 lbs.
  • The Ingenuity baby swing weight limit is 20 lbs.

The baby swing weight limit also varies from type to type.

For example, the outdoor baby swing weight limit is 50 lbs - this is double what most indoor ones offer.

So, you can easily get the outdoor baby swing with the highest weight limit if your big heavyweight baby loves it outside.

At What Age Should a Baby Use a Baby Swing?

Mamaroo baby swing weight limit advice

Mamaroo baby swing weight limit

Babies can begin using baby swings at birth till they feel like they don’t want it anymore.

But, most parents love putting babies within six months and 4 years on a swing.

A baby should be able to sit up and control their neck against a slump at this age.

You can also put a baby that is yet to surpass the baby swing weight limits (5-35 pounds) in a swing.

Can you Put Preemies on a Baby Swing?

Preemies are premature babies, and prematurity and weight vary in preemies.

Some preemies weigh between 3.3 lbs and 5.5 lbs, while some weigh between 2.2 lbs and 3.3 lbs.

You can put preemies that can sit up and weigh 5 lbs in a baby swing.

But always ensure you pay close attention to them while on it.

On the other hand, you must not put preemies that weigh less than 5 pounds on it because they may slump off the swing.

What Are the Benefits of Baby Swing?

Baby swings are highly beneficial not only to the baby but also to the parent.

Here are the benefits of baby swings to both baby and parent.

For baby:

  • They can induce sleep - Baby swings are usually made comfy. Their seats are usually padded and cushioned to provide extra comfort to send babies to their Dreamland. Some baby swings even have some technological features that can foster sleep.
  • They can entertain babies - Unlike before, baby swings now have remarkable features that can fascinate your baby. For instance, you will find music and light in nowadays baby swings.
  • They prevent acid reflux - One of the causes of acid reflux in babies is lying flat. Unlike other infant seats, baby swings allow for lying uprightly, reducing the symptoms of acid reflux and other gastrointestinal diseases.

For Parent:

  • Alleviate stress: As a parent, you don’t need to bother about the stress of carrying a baby while engaging in your extracurricular activities. Baby swings will provide a haven for your baby to thrive.

Safety Tips for Using a Baby Swing

Baby swing highest weight limit

Baby swing with highest weight limit

Safety is the principal consideration when using nursery products like the baby swing.

Here are some tips to forestall undesirable effects.

Mind the Weight Capacity

Like babies, baby swings are not of the same weight.

So, always check your baby’s weight before putting your baby on the swing.

Put your baby on a baby swing with a weight equal to or less than your baby’s weight.

Else, the baby swing may collapse, and your baby will be badly injured. 

Harness and Position the Baby Swing Rightly

Use baby swings at their maximum reclination to prevent babies from tipping over.

Also, make sure your baby swing has five harnessing points as they are more secure than those with three.

Use for Recommended Age Limit

Baby swing

Baby swing weight limit explained

Regardless of weight, babies outgrow this toy and should not use it afterward.

Signs to watch include restlessness and attempts to climb out of it.

You should expect this when the baby is about six months old.

Avoid Prolonged Use

Do not keep babies on a baby swing for too long.

Experts recommend between thirty minutes to one hour daily use.

While babies can take a nap in it, put them to bed if they would sleep for long.

Keep Swing Closeby

Perhaps this is the most important of all.

Ensure the baby is in sight all the time.

Accidents can happen in a split second.

You should be there to notice the buildup to the accident and prevent it.

Pay Close Attention to the General Well-being of the Swing

Weight limit for baby swing tips

Weight limit for baby swing

You must also learn to keep track of the well-being of your baby swing.

Check the support components like the buckle and safety harness from time to time.

And replace them immediately if they are getting deteriorating.

Always use a New Baby Swing

The components of baby swings get deteriorate as time goes by.

Besides, the standard of swing is updated from time to time.

So, using a used swing can compromise the general safety of your baby. 


The role of baby swing cannot be over-emphasized in parent registry.

Baby swings will provide a haven for your baby to lounge while keeping your arm free.

However, ensure you know your baby’s weight before putting the baby in a swing. Most baby swing weight limit ranges between 5 pounds to 35 pounds. 

So, when you place your baby on an appropriate baby swing, you can rest assured of absolute safety. 

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