8 Best Toddler Pillows: Safety & Buying Guide 2023

Sleep is extremely important for your little one, they are growing so quickly that their bodies need the daily rest. Moving your toddler to a bed is a big deal and so is ensuring you pick the best toddler pillows for your little one to rest their head on, so that they sleep as comfortably as possible.

We have found the best toddler pillows for you to consider.

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What's the Goal of This Guide?

If you are introducing a pillow for the first time, it is recommended that you wait until your toddler is at least 18 months old. Once your child has reached 18 months of age the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is considerably reduced, making it safe for your little one to sleep on a pillow.

Most parents start the transition from cot to bed at around 18 months of age, but you can wait longer if you feel your child is not ready to make the move. You do not need a pillow for a 1-year-old, it is better to wait until they are older.

Creating healthy sleeping habits from an early age is important and this includes making sure you have the best toddler pillows for your child. When you start your search, you will find many different toddler pillow types, but it can be overwhelming finding the safest toddler pillow. This guide will help you in choosing a toddler pillow that works for your little one. 

What Doctors & Pediatricians Say?

You might be asking yourself if your toddler really needs a pillow. Toddlers older than 18 months can start sleeping on a pillow. Babies younger than that should not sleep on a pillow as it increases their chances of SID and suffocation. If your child suffers from allergies you may notice these increases when they start sleeping on a pillow, especially if the pillow is fluffy or not a good quality hypo-allergenic pillow.

Another consideration when introducing a pillow is Flat Head Syndrome. This happens when a baby sleeps with their head turned to the same side, resulting in a flat spot on the back of their head. The reason this happens is because babies spend so much time in their cribs sleeping or lying down. Whether they have a pillow or not, it is important to change the position you place your baby in. 

As a result of these health and safety concerns, it is important that you take time to research the best toddler pillows so that you make the safest choice for your 18-month-old. Remember, what you find comfortable and what your toddler find comfortable could be two different things, so they may not need big fluffy pillows and blankets to get comfortable at night. 

Safety First - What to Look When Choosing Toddler Pillow? 

When looking for the best toddler pillows, there are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase.

Let’s take a look at what the most important factors are you need to consider.

  • The material used - This is very important, especially if your child is prone to allergies. Pillows are filled with a variety of different things from down feathers to memory foam. When it comes to toddler pillows avoid fillings that are too soft, opt rather for memory foam as these pillows will retain their shape. Your safest option is to look for a toddler pillow that is organic.
  • Size - A pillow that is too big will not support your toddlers head and as a result will not be comfortable, preventing them from getting a good night of sleep. Look for pillows that have been specifically designed for toddlers.
  • Safety - Toddler pillow safety is very important. Pillows that are too soft or too hard are potential safety risks to your toddler. If they are still in a crib and the pillow is too big, it could make it easier for your toddler to try climb out of the crib. Considering the safety of your toddler when you pick their pillow is so important to ensure you little one sleeps well.
  • Care instruction - Look for pillows that can easily be washed and can have their covers easily removed. It is important to regularly wash your toddlers’ pillow, make it easier for yourself by finding a pillow that is easy to clean.

How to Pick Ideal Pillow for My Toddler? 

It might take you a few tries to find the perfect pillow for your toddler. The good news is that these little pillows are not too expensive, so if it doesn’t work, it is easy to get a different one that will work.

Also remember that everyone is different and everyone, even your toddler, has their own preferences when it comes to the type of pillow they sleep on. You might like a big fluffy pillow, but your toddler might prefer a flat, firmer pillow. The important thing is to make sure you find the right toddler pillow for sleeping, even if it takes a few tries. 

8 Best Toddler Pillows

We have found 8 of the best toddler pillows for you to consider when you are ready to introduce a pillow to your child’s sleep routine.

1. Best Organic Toddler Pillow Kea Babies (Cotton 100%)

This little pillow is one of the best organic toddlers pillows you will find and comes with many benefits for your little one. Rated very highly by parents (and toddlers) this is a really great pillow for you to consider for your toddler.

Potential trade-offs:

  • 100% Cotton. This pillow is made from 100% cotton making it a great choice for those toddlers with allergies
  • Ergonomically designed. The ergonomic design of this pillow has been tested on toddlers to make sure that they are getting the right spinal alignment
  • Durable and easy to wash. It is very easy to wash this machine, allowing you to make sure your toddler has a hygienic pillow at all times
  • The cover features a cute KeaSafari print
  • Perfectly size to travel. If you travel with your little, this pillow will fit easily into your travel bag and a travel cot. Sleep will be easier for your toddler if they have a pillow, they are familiar with
  • Some children may find it too fluffy. This is a fluffy pillow that might not be comfortable for all toddlers
  • It is a high pillow and could be considered too big for some

2. Best Toddler Pillow for Allergies - Coop Home Goods

Toddlers who suffer from allergies will want to sleep on this pillow. It comes with the Green Guard Gold certification. This means that they do not contain PVC or Vinyl and are hypoallergenic. When your child sleeps on this pillow you will have peace of mind that they are safe.

Potential trade-offs:

  • 100% safe for children. It comes with the Green Guard Gold and CertiPUR-US certification, making it safe for children with allergies
  • Adjustable. While it is considered the perfect size, the pillow can be adjusted to suit your child’s unique sleeping patterns
  • Thermoregulation. Lulltra fabric is used in these pillows and this fabric has thermoregulating properties which help to ensure your little one sleeps soundly
  • Adjust the pillow as your child grows. Due to the fact that this pillow can be adjusted means that it will grow with your child. And we all know how fast toddlers can grow
  • It is easy to clean. To clean this pillow, you can simply put it into your washing machine, and it will come out clean as new
  • It is not cheap pillow
  • It does feature a zip to allow for it to be adjusted which could lead inquisitive toddlers to unzip it and remove all the filling

3. Best Ergonomic Pillow for Toddlers - Clevamama Toddler Pillow

Even toddlers need a little luxury and this Clevamama toddler pillow is all about luxury and comfort. It is the perfect pillow for toddlers up to around 3 years of age. If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable pillow for your child, then this is one to consider.

Potential trade-offs:

  • Ergonomic design. Your child will be perfectly aligned and comfortable when they sleep on this pillow, thanks to its ergonomic design
  • Made from ClevaFoam. ClevaFoam has been scientifically proven to prevent flat head syndrome in babies and toddlers and the design of this pillow protects the shape of your child’s head
  • Best toddler pillow for crib. If your 18-month-old is still in a cot, you can easily introduce this pillow, it will fit perfectly
  • Hypoallergenic. Thanks to the breathable materials used in the making of this pillow it is hypoallergenic and safe for toddlers who suffer from asthma and allergies
  • Can be washed. The cover of this pillow can be removed and is machine washable
  • To soft. This is a soft pillow which may not work for everyone
  • It is a small pillow so might be too small for a single bed

4. Best Pillow for Having Fun: Animal Adventure Toddler Pillow Chair

Pillows don’t just have to be used to sleep on. You can get your toddler, this fun toddler pillow chair to make reading their favorite book or enjoying family time even more comfortable for them. This little animal chair is the perfect addition to any nursery or toy room.

Potential trade-offs:

  • Cute design. This pillow chair comes in a range of different designs, so you can easily find one that your child will love
  • Easy to wash. The cover of this pillow chair simply zips off and can be machine washed
  • It is lightweight. The chair is light and easy to move, making it easy for you to move between rooms
  • Perfect size for toddlers from 18 months old
  • Cleaning is not easy. While the cover does come off easily the chair itself can be tricky to clean
  • Does tip easily if toddler is moving around a lot while on the chair

5. Toddler Pillow for Car Seat - H Homewins Travel Pillow

Traveling long distances means your little has to be in their car seat or on an airplane or train for an extended period. This can get uncomfortable for them which is why a pillow for toddler car seats is a good idea.

Investing in toddler pillows for travelling like this one, can make them a lot more comfortable, especially while they sleep. This is the best pillow for 3-year old’s who are in the car a lot.

Potential trade-offs:

  • Extensive selection of cute designs. These travel pillows come in a range of different designs and colors; you can get a different design for every child you are traveling with
  • Quality, comfortable fabric. The cover of this pillow is made from elastic fleece which is comfortable on your skin
  • Breathable fabric. The fabric uses to make this pillow is breathable and durable, which helps to prevent your little one from getting too hot while they sleep
  • Easy to wash
  • Neck Protection. This pillow offers great neck support for your toddler. This means their head won’t fall forward or into an uncomfortable position
  • Is only suitable for children 3 years and older
  • This pillow does not bounce back as well as the memory foam does in traditional pillows

6. Best Gel Pillow for Toddlers - Nestl Coolest Pillow

Everyone sleeps differently, some people (including toddlers) get very hot while they sleep and when this happens it is essential to look for a pillow that doesn’t cause you to overheat even more. This pillow has been designed with hot sleepers in mind and will prevent them from overheating.

Potential trade-offs:

  • Cooling pillow. It has been designed using cooling fibers that keep you cool
  • Breathable. The gel that has been used in this pillow works to regulate your head heat and in doing so it controls your temperature
  • Ideal for all types of sleepers. Whether your child is a stomach or side sleeper, this pillow is perfect
  • Offers maximum support and comfort. You can easily adjust this pillow by taking foam out until you find the perfect height and firmness for your toddler
  • Easy to wash. The cover of the pillow can be removed, and machine washed
  • The toddler pillow is on the small size
  • It is a firmer pillow
  • It is not a cheap pillow

7. Best Pillow for Toddlers Made of Wool - Woolino Pillows

When you start your pillow search you will see that pillows can be made from a range of different materials – including wool. This soft wool pillow offers something a little different.

Made from Australian wool this pillow is guaranteed to provide your toddler with a comfortable and luxurious place to rest their head. This is a thin pillow, so could also be considered the best toddler pillow for stomach sleepers.

Potential trade-offs:

  • Made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified high-quality Australian Wool with a 100% cotton outer shell
  • Hypoallergenic. The Australian wool that has been used to make this pillow is considered hypoallergenic, making it safe for your little one to use
  • It is safe. Wool is a fire-resistant fiber which means that it will not melt or drip if it does catch fire
  • It can be machine washed. Wool is a lot more durable than other fabrics which means you don’t have to wash it as often but when it does need to be washed, it can be easily machine washed
  • It is an expensive pillow
  • It is a thin pillow which might not work for those who sleep on their side or back

8. Cutest Toddler Pillows in the World

If you are looking for something cute, fun, and useful, then this toddler pillow is a must-buy item. It is super cute and can come in very handy.

It can help to prevent your little one from bumping their head while they are learning to walk. It is also very hand when you want to lay your baby down on a blanket to play.

Potential trade-offs:

  • It is very cute. You can pick between three different designs of pillow
  • The fabric used is breathable. Soft, crystal velvet has been used to make this pillow and high- elastic cotton has been used as a filler
  • Prevents injuries. It is designed to sit behind your toddler’s head, preventing them from hurting themselves if they fall backwards
  • Adjustable. The straps of this pillow can be adjusted easily allowing you to make it bigger as your child grows
  • The straps can be hard to use and slip off easily


Can toddler pillow be used for 18 months old baby? 

Toddler pillows can start to be introduced to your child’s sleeping routine from when they are around 18 months. The longer you wait to introduce a pillow the better though.

Can toddler pillows go into machine and dryer? 

Most toddler pillows can be easily washed in your washing machine and then dried in the dryer. It is important to read the care instructions to see how the pillow needs to be cleaned.

Are toddler pillows hypoallergenic? 

Most pillows designed for toddlers are hypoallergenic. If you are looking for a pillow that is hypoallergenic, research the pillow first to make sure that it is in fact hypoallergenic. Most pillows will make this information clear. 

Do toddlers need pillows? 

Toddler pillows can be introduced once your child is 18 months, but it is not something you have to introduce then. If your child is sleeping comfortable then you can wait until you move them from their crib to a bed.

When choosing toddler pillow should I focus on Flat Head Syndrome? 

Flat Head Syndrome is something you should consider, but the older your child the less the risk of Flat Head Syndrome. Focus on finding a pillow your child finds comfortable. 

Why can’t I use normal pillow for my baby? 

Adding lose items, like pillows, blankets, toys etc., to your baby’s crib can increase the risk of SID’s and suffocation. This is why it is better to reduce the number of items you place in the crib with your little one. 


By now you should have a better understanding of everything you need to know about choosing the best toddler pillows. It is important to take into account all the factors we mentioned to ensure the pillow you settle on is safe and comfortable for your toddler to sleep on.

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