16 Best Push and Sit-to-Stand Walkers

There are several toys on the market that claim to help your baby develop quicker, and while there are several that fall short, push walkers do not.

They are designed just right to help your baby develop the skills required for walking on their own.

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At What Age Should a Baby Use a Push Walker?

Obviously, push walkers are for babies who are near walking age, which can start anywhere between 9 and 12 months. With some walkers, particularly those that are designed with sit-to-stand features can be used from a younger age while sitting or even during tummy time.

Technically, there is no age maximum for push walkers, but the enjoyment may wear out around the age of 3 years, when your little one is moving on to bigger things. It is also wish to keep an eye on your child’s height, so they do not need to bend over to push it.

Benefits of a Push Walker

The biggest benefit of a push walker is that it can help your baby learn to walk. They rely on the strength and coordination of their legs to move themselves which can lead to walker sooner than if they were to practice on their own.

It also promotes motor skill development with interactive toys, encourages exploration, and teaches babies how to use their imagination with interactive toys and open function of a push walker or wagon.

Types of Baby Push Walkers

Plastic vs. Wooden

There are some differences in function and benefits when choosing between plastic and wood push walkers. Wood tends to be a bit heavier, which is ideal when your baby is using the walker to help pull themselves to standing.

However, wood does not always mean better quality, especially since many manufacturers are switching to particleboard rather than solid wood to save money. Plastic can be a better option for safety since it will not splinter and there is less of a chance that it has been made with toxic paints.

Sit-to-Stand vs. Strictly Push

As we briefly mentioned before, there are two types of push walkers: sit-to-stand and strictly push. The strictly push walkers have limited options for play; they can only be used by babies who are ready to walk, and are usually very simple in design (i.e. wagon).

Sit-to-stand walkers, on the other hand, can be used from a younger age. They usually come with some feature that is convertible, like a removable toy panel or a collapsible frame, which allows babies who are not yet standing to have fun with the walker too.

Best Baby Push Walkers Listed and Reviewed

1 - Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

This is a great example of a sit-to-stand walker. The walker collapses into a play table that can be used by babies when sitting or standing.

There is plenty of entertainment to be had with all the toys, lights, and sounds.


The walker collapses to create a play station that is easily accessible when sitting on the floor.

Fun jungle animals entertain (peek-a-boo lion, spinning toucan ball, monkey slider), along with a light up ball, over 70 songs and sounds, and 3 play modes – music, words, and wild.

Two color options are available: green for boys and pink for girls.


Several reviewers have claimed that the walker is a bit difficult to put together, and is impossible to take apart once it is assembled.

The motor for the light up strobe ball and the creaking of the wheels are both very noisy, as well as the programmed sounds and songs.

The handle does not provide great stability as it does not lock into place for some reason.

2 - COSSY’s Wooden Baby Walker

This wooden walker is perfect for older babies.

It is 20 inches tall (one of the tallest on our list) and there are many featured activities that are designed for dexterous fingers.


There is plenty to keep baby entertained with mazes, spinners, wooden xylophone, bead chaser, and gears.

This is the tallest walker on our list at 20 inches, which is great for older babies and toddlers who want to play with this walker for longer.

The solid wood body is heavy and sturdy, which is ideal for unstable emerging walkers.


Due to the solid wood frame, this walker is a bit on the expensive side.

There are some issues with the wheels. If you tighten them all the way, they will not turn, but if you loosen them, they may eventually fall off.

Since the xylophone is made of wood, it does not make much sound which is a bit of a disappointment.

3 - VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

If you search the Internet for the most highly recommended push walker, you will find that V-tech learning walker is at the top of nearly every list.

It features a removable toy panel with buttons, lights, and over 70 songs and sounds.


The toy panel comes with plenty of entertainment, and is removable for floor play with your baby sitting or lying down.

This is one of the few walkers that actually has rear brakes, which can regulate speed, and prevent the walker from rolling away while your child is playing with the toy panel attached.

No tools are required to put this walker together, which only takes a couple of minutes to assemble.


Unlike the shape sorter toys, which are attached by cords, the phone is unattached and can get lost.

Made of plastic, this walker is very lightweight and may tip under your baby’s weight if they are using it to pull themselves to standing.

The wheels do have rubber strips that are intended to provide traction and stability, the walker still has the tendency to slip on hard floors.

4 - Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

Chances are every parent had one of these walking toys when they were a child.

You can bring back fond memories and promote imagination with the classic and simply designed corn popper walking toy.


This toy comes completely assembled, so your baby will not be delayed in having fun.

Your baby’s imagination can bring this toy to life, mimicking lawn mowing and vacuuming to name a couple of ideas.

It is classic and nostalgic for parents.


It does not support your baby’s learning how to walk; they will need to be a steady walker before they are able to use this toy.

Since this toy can only do one thing (pop), the sound can become irritating to parents after a while.

This model in particular has had a few complaints about the wheels not turning properly, which prevents the balls from popping inside.

5 - Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Walker

As far as themed walkers go, this one is one of the most fun we have seen. 

Kids love to pretend to grocery shop, and this walker allows them to do just that.


You have the option to choose between three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

This walker is highly versatile: the toy panel can be removed for floor play, it can be used attached as a walker, or the cart can be used alone for role playing.

With the addition of a complete kitchen or food set, your little one can have loads of fun pretending to shop at the supermarket.


The shapes for the shape sorter can easily get lost, rendering this feature unusable.

This walker can slide easily on hard floors since there are no wheel brakes or tread on the plastic wheels.

There are no extra toy food items included to use with the shopping cart.

6 - Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

If your little one loves music and dancing, this walker is perfect.

There are several musical instrument features included as well as 10 songs to keep your little baby dancing.


The buttons and toys feature musical instruments like drums, saxophone, maracas, and guitars.

The base of this walker is designed nicely; it is much wider than most to provide additional stability for your baby.

The price tag for this walker will fit most family’s budgets.


There are no brakes to stop it from rolling away from your baby when it is used stationary.

With no traction on the plastic wheels, this walker can slip and slide easily on hard floors.

If you forget to turn the sound off, the walker will continue to make noise even whenever it is bumped or moved.

7 - HABA Walk-Along Tool Cart

This walker is absolutely adorable, perfect for babies and toddlers who appear to have a creative mind. 

They can pretend to build and create new things with their own little tool set, just like dad.


As your baby grows and becomes more coordinated, they will get more enjoyment out of the tools when used with this walker.

Promotes imagination and motor skill development.

There is a feature on the rear wheels that slightly increases the resistance, making it safer for your baby to use.


This is the most expensive walker on our list, which may not make it ideal for some families.

There have been reviews that say that the tools do not always fit the compatible components on the walker (i.e. wrench is the wrong size and shape for the bolt).

The tools are not attached, so they can easily be misplaced.

8 - Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Ride Elephant

This toy is more of a riding toy with the option to use it as a walker. 

The design is best suited for older babies – ones who can hold themselves upright and bounce without assistance – and can be enjoyed for longer as a ride along toy for toddlers.


You have 3 play options to choose from: stationary bouncer, walk behind, and ride along.

There are over 30 sounds and songs along with a few light up buttons to keep your little one entertained.

The elephant design is super cute.


If you forget to turn the sound off, the music continues to play even when no one is touching the walker.

The plastic on the bottom of the elephant can be kind of sharp, which could scrape your babies feet as they are scooting along.

This walker is a bit more expensive than some of the others on our list.

9 - Hape Wonder Walker

The whimsical design and use of color on this walker is sure to catch your baby’s attention.

It is great for younger and older babies alike.


There are knobs, gears, balls, and other toys like this that will keep your baby entertained.

You should not have anything to worry about if your baby puts their mouth on any part of this walker since it is made with non-toxic paint.

At 20 inches tall, this walker can still be enjoyed by older babies and toddlers.


For those who are picky about plastic vs. wood, they may be disappointed to find that the gears are made of plastic while the rest of the walker and toys are wood.

This walker is a bit pricey.

Like most of these walkers, the wheels only move in a straight line which can make it difficult to maneuver and cause frustration.

10 - Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Walker

Beloved for their vintage and wooden children’s toys, this walker form Melissa & Doug does not disappoint when it comes to design and quality.


Melissa & Doug are well known for their wooden toys, so you know you are purchasing form a reputable company with good quality materials.

The chomping alligators, spinning ladybug and butterfly beads, and fish on the wheels are all cute design elements.

You do not have to worry about the walls and furniture getting scarred up since the rubber on the wheels act like bumpers.


The “Chomp and Clack” element of this walker does not actually clack, which may be a disappointment.

The base is not heavy and there are no safety options on the wheels, which makes this walker unsuitable for unstable walkers.

At only 15 inches tall, your child may outgrow this walker rather quickly.

11 - Pidoko Kids Block and Roll Cart

This is a great 2-for-1 deal: you get a walker wagon and a 33-piece block set. 

This walker is a great choice for older babies who enjoy building and stacking blocks and other toys.


Not only do you get a walker, but you also get a bonus set of blocks for your little one.

For what you get with this walker, it is reasonably priced.

There is decent traction thanks to the rubber trimmed wheels.


There are several parts of this walker that are made with particleboard, causing the quality to suffer.

Your little one will likely outgrown the pushing feature of this walker rather quickly due to the short height.

You want to make sure your baby is stable on their feet before using this walker because it is lightweight and tips over easily.

12 - Radio Flyer Walker Wagon

This walker may not have all the bells and whistles that some of the others do, but you are receiving a high quality, reputable walker with this old-fashioned Radio Flyer wagon.


The build of this walker is extremely sturdy so there is little to worry about when it comes to tipping over on your baby.

There is a slight adjustment you can make on the rear wheels that increases the resistance to make it safer for your baby to push.

Front bumper provides cushion, and prevents scrapes and dents in walls and furniture.


The walker is extremely stable, but that also means it is very heavy and bulky which may be hard to store.

There are wooden slats that are removable on the sides of the wagon, which you may want to consider doing since they are fairly sharp.

Assembly does not seem complicated, but it does require several different tools to complete.

13 - Brio Toddler Wobbler

If you like the classic Radio Flyer wagon style, but you do not want to pay that kind of money, consider this walker instead.

You still have the classic red wagon, which promotes creativity and imaginative play.


Rear wheels can tighten to adjust speed.

Simple design promotes imagination as your little one can transport their toys and stuffed animals around the house.

Made of solid beech wood, which ensures a quality build.


Lightweight so it may tip backwards.

Like many of the other wooden walkers on our list, the wheels only move straight which can may it hard to turn and maneuver.

Metal handle is not ideal for baby’s little teeth and curious mouth.

14 - Boikido Wooden Push and Play – Rabbit Wagon

The colors and adorable rabbit design of this walker is sure to catch your baby’s attention and entertain to no end.


There is a maze on both sides of the walker to challenge your baby’s motor skills.

With the difficulty level of the mazes and the open-ended design concept, your little one is sure to enjoy this walker for at least a few years.

The main compartment is very deep, making it ideal to use as storage as well as a walker.


Tread made with thick plastic rather than rubber, which can lead to sliding on hard floors.

The walker’s wheel orientation can cause frustration for your child when they get stuck up against a wall and cannot steer it easily.

It is not made of solid wood, but rather low-quality particleboard.

15 - Labebe Baby 2-in-1 Activity Walker

The “2-in-1” design of this walker makes it ideal to walk with and to store toys when the day is over.

With several cute designs and a tall handle (18 inches) this walker is a great choice for babies of all ages.


The deep compartment can double as toy storage when it is time to clean up.

There are four fun designs to choose from: police car, fire truck (with a ladder as the handle), owl, and hedgehog.

By storing toys inside the compartment, your baby can begin to play with this walker before they can even walk.


There seem to be some serious issues with quality, with complaints varying from squeaky wheels that fall off over time, low grade particleboard, and misaligned holes for screws.

Wheels may rub against the frame or be off balance, causing the cart to wobble back and forth.

Being made of particleboard rather than solid wood, the front of the walker is lightweight, so it may topple over on your baby.

16 - Janod Crazy Doggy Cart

Solid wood, cart type, ages 1-4, 17.5” tall, rubber gasket on wheel provides traction and prevents scratching.

This walker’s cute doggy design it ideal for older babies who are walking steadily on their own.

They can feel like they are walking their own puppy while carrying their favorite toys along in the wagon compartment.


Fun push cart for older babies, with a handle that is 17.5 inches tall.

Rubber grip on wheels provides traction and prevents scratching on hard floors.

Cute doggy design is sure to get your baby excited to use this walker.


While the majority of this walker is made with some plywood elements, particularly the base and the wheels.

Being difficult to turn can cause frustration for babies when they get stuck in one direction.

You need to be careful when your baby uses this walker since there is no wheel brake to regulate speed.

Safety First

When your baby is using any sort of walking toy, you need to be sure you never leave them unattended. Even when using a push walker, your baby can get moving very quickly and lose their balance, falling off uneven surfaces like stairs or into pools.

It is best to designate a certain area for your baby to use their walker, clearing the area of obstacles and dangerous objects that could be reached. Get down to your baby’s level to you can see what they see and what they can reach.

Features worth Mentioning

When it comes to selecting a push walker, there are certain elements that you should look for before making a final decision.

First, you want to ensure that you are buying from a reputable manufacturer.

This ensures quality and safety in the materials used.

You want to consider the height of the walker as well. 

Too tall and your baby will not receive the benefits of learning to walk with it; too short and your baby will outgrow it too quickly.

A good, stable base is important, especially for babies who are not completely walking on their own yet. 

They will be using the walker handle to pull themselves to standing, and you do not want the walker to tip over on them.

Look at the type and design of the wheels. 

Ensure they have some sort of tread that will provide stability and traction on hard floors. 

Wheels that are strong and urn easily are also important to prevent accidents and frustration.

Consider the type of toys and play features that are included.

You want to look for something age appropriate and ideally educational.

Finally, if you want to get the most for your money, you will want to look for something that is multifunctional.

You will find some of these on our list, like the ride along elephant and shopping cart.

Classic Baby Walker vs. Push Walkers

Between the two types of walkers available – traditional and push – push walkers are the better option for safety and development.

Traditional walkers do not help – and may actually hinder – your baby’s walking development. The seat does not support the hips or spine appropriately, and does not allow your baby’s feet to sit flat on the floor, which prevents them from walking appropriately.

Traditional walkers also pose more dangers to your baby than push walkers do. Your child does not have complete control over their speed or their body. They can get moving very quickly, and if the walker begins to fall off an uneven surface, the walker will drag them down as well.

Final Words

Push walkers are the best choice when it comes to walking toys. They are safer than traditional walker and can actually aid in your baby’s development, helping them to walk sooner.

What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments, and share this link if you know someone else who is looking for a push walker.