12 Best Baby Socks Listed & Reviewed

When preparing for a newborn, you have quite the list of items to purchase, but baby socks can be easily overlooked.

You may not place much importance in them, or they may not even make it onto the list at all.

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You may think...

“If my baby is not walking or wearing shoes yet, why do I need socks? Why even bother if they are just going to get lost all the time?”

It is completely understandable to feel this way.

I remember going through the sock dilemma with my daughter when she was little. 

She would always rub her feet together when she was playing at home or riding in the stroller, and those little socks would just fall off and get lost everywhere we went.

We always had to bring an extra pair, or just stop and buy new ones.

So, during the summer I would usually just leave her sockless to keep her cool and avoid the headache of losing socks.

During the winter, however, I did not have much of a choice. Her little feet needed to stay warm, and we would pray that the socks did not get lost.

Babies lose most of their body heat through their head and feet, and they lose it even faster when they are newborns. 

Socks are a not only a necessity to keep them warm, but also protect those little feet from dirt and zippers that could scratch them, since babies cannot control their feet and leg movements consciously.

When choosing socks, you also need to make sure you have the right size.

Socks that are too big are a tripping hazard when your little one starts walking, and socks that are too small can cut off circulation and cause injury to her ankles and legs.

Best Baby Socks Listed

1 - Gerber Unisex Baby 6-Pack Socks

Everyone knows Gerber; they have been a reputable baby company for many years, known for their quality and affordable prices.

These socks are a great choice for young babies due to their soft, cushy material (75% cotton blended with nylon, polyester, and spandex), and their lack of elastic that can hurt baby’s circulation.


  • Elastic-free: there is no elastic around the ankles, which can cause poor circulation and sock-line hyperpigmentation.
  • Cotton blend: you get the quality and comfort of cotton, but the durability of a blend.
  • Thick: these socks are breathable while keeping in body heat, keeping your baby warm during the colder months.


  • Unfinished edges: there are no seams on the ankles, which can lead to Velcro snags or unraveling after long periods of use.
  • Roll off easily: while the lack of elastic is good for babies’ circulation, it keeps the socks from staying on; they tend to roll off after a little while.
  • Run small: it is recommended that you purchase a size up from your baby’s age as these socks run a bit smaller than advertised.

2 - Wrapables Peek A Boo Animal Non-Skid Toddler Socks

These socks from Wrapables offer adorable animal designs that you and your baby are sure to love.

They come in a couple of different sizes (for babies and toddlers) and have non-slip grip on the soles. Made of a cotton blend, these socks hold up well after washing, retaining their shape and color.


  • Fun designs: you have several package options to choose from, offering various animal designs and patterns.
  • Non-skid beading: full sole beading helps your little one who is learning to stand and walk, keeping her on her feet and preventing her from slipping.
  • Stay on: the shape and elastic banding helps these socks stay on even the most active baby.


  • Run large: consider ordering a size down or waiting for your little one to grow into them since they tend to run on the larger side.
  • Threading inside: because of the designs, there are threads inside the socks that can snag and wrap around your baby’s toes, causing injury.
  • Low quality: the fabric quality is not the best; it is thin, not very soft, and may wear our quickly.

3 - Fly-love 5 Pairs Anti-Slip Socks

Your baby is sure to be stylish in these low cut ankle socks. Made of a cotton blend, they come in various animal designs, and are vibrantly colored, which is sure to catch your baby’s attention.

They are obviously foreign-made and shipped, which may cause the quality not to be as good as other well-known name brands.


  • Crew boat shape: the shape of these socks (low and around the ankle) helps them to stay on better than socks that extend over chunky legs.
  • Fun designs: they come in bright colors and various fun animal designs.
  • Non-slip sole: the grip on the bottom of these socks keeps your baby from slipping on hardwood and tiled floors.


  • Low quality: the fabric is very thin and definitely not suitable for winter months.
  • Elastic ankle: while these socks do stay on well, the elastic ankle can be very tight, cutting into your baby’s skin.
  • Inconsistent sizing: a package of these socks, while advertised as the same size, may actually vary in length and overall size.

4 - Simple Joys by Carter’s

Everyone loves Carter’s baby products. They offer cute, modern styles in soft colors and high-quality materials. The Simple Joys socks are a great addition to any baby’s wardrobe.

They fit like a normal crew sock and come in natural/neutral or soft colors that are sure to go with any of your baby’s outfits.


  • Stay on well: many parents rave that these socks are some of the few that they have found to stay on their babies’ feet.
  • Durable: hold up well after several wears and washes.
  • 12 pairs: for the price you pay, you are getting a bargain with 12 pairs of socks (versus the typical 6 from other competitors).


  • Run large: the foot part of the sock runs a big on the larger side, which can prevent them from fitting into shoes well or may cause your baby to trip on excess fabric.
  • Tight around ankle: the elastic band can be a bit tight around your baby’s ankles.
  • No grip: be careful letting your baby wear these socks as she is learning to stand or walk as she could easily fall on hard floors.

5 - Trumpette Baby Girls’ Sock Set – 6 Pairs

From bows to frills, ballet slippers to Mary Janes, these socks are all adorable and all girl. 

The perfect gift for any expectant mother (comes in a cute gift box) these socks soft and durable, and offer non-slip grip on the soles to keep your baby comfortable and safe.


  • Durable: high-quality materials (cotton-rich blend) keep these socks looking like new even after washing and wearing several times.
  • Non-slip grip: great for the emergent walker; the rubber grip on the soles will help prevent unnecessary falls and injury.
  • Adorable design: there are several designs to choose from, featuring ruffles, bows, pom-poms, and flowers.


  • Pricey: you are definitely paying for the name and packaging; these socks are a bit on the higher end of the price scale.
  • Sizing is slightly small: you may want to consider purchasing a size up if you want them to fit your baby for longer.
  • No boy designs: these socks do not offer much in terms of boy-friendly designs, except for one set that is plain with polka dots and stripes.

6 - VWU 6-Pack Baby Anti-Slip

If you are looking for warmth, cushion, and comfort for your little one, these socks are great. Made with a brushed cotton blend, they are super soft and fluffy on your baby’s feet.

While they are most ideal for young babies, the rubber grip on the bottom is suitable for older babies and toddlers as well.


  • Thick and fluffy: you can tell these socks are warm just by looking at them; great for the cold winter months.
  • Grip bottoms: if your baby is still wearing these when she is ready to start walking, the grip on the soles will prevent her from slipping.
  • No tight elastic: you will not have to worry about your baby’s leg circulation with these socks; they are completely soft and free from tight elastic.


  • Too thick for shoes: the thickness is great for warmth, but not so easy to fit into shoes (if your baby is still wearing them at walking/shoe age).
  • Stretch out easily: the lack of elastic allows these socks to stretch out considerably, compromising their fit.
  • Does not hold up well when dried: if you are machine drying these socks, there is a good chance they may start to fall apart and/or unravel.

7 - Kakalu Assorted Walker Non-Skid

These socks from Kakalu are designed with your walking toddler in mind.

They boast one of the highest cotton-content blends (95%) among baby socks, come in gender neutral colors (grey and black designs and patterns), and grip on the soles to prevent unnecessary injury.


  • Non-skid soles: keep your toddler on her feet as she is running around your hardwood or tiled floors.
  • 95% cotton: feels like cotton, but retains its shape through wash and wear like nylon.
  • Long: you can fold these socks down and cuff them or leave them longer (mid-calf) to cover your baby’s legs more.


  • Toddler sizes only: there are not sizes for younger babies as these are marketed toward the walking child.
  • Too thin for winter: these fit really well into boots, but are not ideal for wearing alone during the colder months.
  • Tight elastic: the elastic in the band can cut into chunkier baby legs, putting them at risk for sock-line hyperpigmentation.

8 - Gellwhu 6 Pairs Toddler Animal Knee-High Socks

If you are looking for knee-high, animal print socks for your cute and stylish baby, look no further. These are great for dress-up or just for fun, everyday wear.

There are 3 sizes offered, which are advertised to fit your little one up until the age of 6 years (with the large size).


  • Cute designs: there are two different animal sets to choose from, so you are sure to find something you like.
  • Knee high: this is a great feature if you want a sock with a bit more coverage, whether it is for warmth of sun protection.
  • 3 sizes (up to 6 yrs): there is a wide range of sizes, with the small covering ages 0-12 months, medium covering 1-3 years, and large covering 3-6 years.


  • Size varies: within the same package, you can have up to a 2 cm difference in length between some of the socks.
  • Tight elastic: the elastic runs a bit tight, which can cut into chunky baby legs.
  • Do not fit younger babies well: the length of the socks, both in the leg and the foot, do not allow them to fit well on newborns and young infants (younger than 6 months or so).

9 - Goumikids Goumiboot Soft Stay-On Booties

One glance at these booties will tell you that Goumikids is devoted to quality and style.

Of all the sock options on our list, this is the only one that offers organic fabric, with a cotton/bamboo blend, which is hypoallergenic, absorbent, and antimicrobial, keeping your baby safe and comfortable.


  • Velcro strap: the Velcro ankle strap helps these booties stay on active feet.
  • Organic: organic cotton and bamboo-derived viscose will help prevent bacterial growth and allergic reactions.
  • Various cute designs: the soles of these booties feature 21 simple and cute designs for you to choose from for your baby.


  • More bootie than sock: you cannot really call these socks, so they cannot be worn with shoes.
  • Expensive: you are paying for the organic materials; the price tag for a single pair is a bit high for baby booties.
  • Thin fabric: while the bamboo is organic, it is also very thin, which keeps it breathable during the summer, but not so warm during the winter.

10 - Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie

Another bootie on our list, the Zutano fleece bootie is a favorite among many parents. 

Rather than a Velcro ankle strap, this bootie features a double snap closure, which keeps it on your baby’s foot better.


  • Warm: the fleece material is sure to keep your little one’s toes toasty during the cold winter months.
  • Snap closure: rather than Velcro, which can get dirty or worn out, allowing the bootie to become unstrapped easily, this bootie has a snap closure which will not come undone accidentally.
  • Ideal for young infants: these booties do come in toddler sizes (up to 18 months), but they are most suitable for young babies who are not walking yet since they keep feet warm without needing to be put into shoes.


  • More bootie than sock: again, this is more of a bootie than a sock, so you cannot wear them with shoes.
  • No non-slip grip: if you do have a larger size for a child of walking age, be aware that they do not come with rubber grip on the soles.
  • Expensive: for a baby that will grow out of clothes and shoes quickly, these booties are a bit overpriced for a single pair.

11 - Luvable Friends Baby Cozy Fleece Booties

Very similar to Zutano, these booties from Luvable Friends are also fleece, which are great for keeping toes warm in the winter.

One of the main advantages that these booties have are that they are suitable for toddlers as well as babies.


  • Fits up to 4T: the sizes offered range from 0-6 months all the way up to 4T.
  • Strap tight: the Velcro strap is adjustable and keeps the bootie strapped tight around your baby’s ankle so it will not fall off.
  • Warm: the fleece material is very warm, making these ideal slippers for the winter.


  • Run small: consider buying a size up if you want them to fit your baby properly and for a longer period of time.
  • Non-slip grip does not work well: even though these booties have non-slip spots on the soles, many parents claim they do not work well and have experienced several falls with their babies.
  • Velcro wears out quickly: the Velcro is not high quality, prone to wearing out or getting dirty (preventing the bootie from strapping), or may even fall off after a few uses.

12 - YOHOOLYO Baby Socks 6 Pairs

These socks are very unique in their design. They look like ankle socks, but they are super low cut with an elastic strap over the foot that helps them stay on better. 

They are great for older babies and toddlers who are running around in the house in their socks.


  • Foot strap: the unique elastic strap across the foot helps keep these socks on active baby and toddler feet.
  • Non-slip grip: there is rubber beading on the soles, which prevent slipping and falling, and helps to avoid injury.
  • Great house slippers: these socks are ideal for wearing around the house if you do not want your child to go barefoot.


  • Cannot be worn with shoes: the shape of the sock and the strap makes these difficult to wear with shoes.
  • Run large: the sock itself can be a little big, causing them to still slip off over the toes despite the elastic strip over the foot.
  •  Girly style: the strap over the foot makes these shoes look a bit more girly (like Mary Jane style) and perhaps not so suitable for boys.

Importance of Choosing the Right Sock Size

As we mentioned before, choosing the correct sock size is very important when it comes to keeping your baby safe. Improper sizing can cause injury or permanent damage/scarring, especially when they are too small.

Socks that are too tight on adults or babies can cause sock-line hyperpigmentation. It presents as thin rings around the ankle or lower leg where the band of the sock has been pressing into the skin.

You can see a similar reaction on your wrist (females) from wearing an elastic hair band (that is too small) for an extended period of time. The tightness of the socks causes inflammation in the lower layer of the skin or subcutaneous fat. This is not only bad for circulation, but it can also lead to permanent scarring.

Not only should you choose the appropriate band size for your baby’s socks, you also need to ensure the foot size is correct. If the sock is tight around your baby’s foot, it can hinder foot movement, delaying development of motor skills, and can stifle growth.

It is usually pretty easy to determine the correct size for baby socks since they are sized by age. However, as you know by your baby’s clothes, age is not always determinate of size. My daughter could still fit into her 6-12 months socks at close to 2 years (probably because they were stretched out), and her 12-24 month socks would still get loose and baggy around her feet after a day of wearing them.

If you do not want to rely on age sizing, you can ensure that your baby’s socks are not too small by placing your finger between the band and your baby’s leg. Sock-line hyperpigmentation can be avoided if your finger fits easily.

Materials, Colors, Design, etc.

Baby socks can come in a lot of different materials and thicknesses, each changing factors in breathability, warmth, moisture retention, and durability. The features you are looking for and the purpose for your use of baby socks will determine what type of material you choose.

During the winter, you will likely want wool (or just thicker cotton) socks. These will keep your baby’s feet warm while remaining breathable.

During the summer, cotton or polyester blend (with cotton) will be your best choice. Cotton is lightweight, breathable, and easy on the skin, but it shrinks easily. If you machine dry your baby’s socks, having a polyester blend can prevent shrinking and improve durability.

Color can also be an important factor when choosing baby socks. Not only do you want something that matches your baby’s wardrobe and gender, you want something safe. Synthetic colors can irritate your baby’s skin.

If you purchase colored or patterned socks, be sure to wash them in baby-safe detergent before putting them on your baby.

Quality over Quantity

It is easy to go for the cheapest pack of socks that comes with the most pairs, especially when you know that some will get lost within a week, but you should always choose quality over quantity.

Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive, so choosing natural and hypoallergenic materials can help prevent any adverse reactions.

High-quality socks will also help them last longer through several washes and will likely be more comfortable for your baby to wear.


Baby socks are essential for retaining your baby’s body heat and keeping her feet protected from dirt and irritants.

Choosing the correct type and size of sock can keep your baby safe, preventing injury from falls and poor circulation.

What did you think of our list of baby socks? Do you have questions or comments? Let us know and share this link with others.