The benefits of having balance box baby walker

4 Benefits of Having Balance Box Baby Walker

Have you ever heard of a Balance Box baby walker? This sturdy, box-shaped walker is a great walker alternative to help your little one builds up the confidence and strength to start walking.

These unique walkers have been designed to help your baby pull themselves up and prepare to start walking.


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When Is the Right Time for Using Balance Box Push Walker Toy?

Babies develop at their own pace; some walk early on while others wait a little longer to be sure they are ready.

There is no real wrong or right answer. There are a few milestones to look out for before you introduce the Balance Box to your little one. 

Your baby is ready for balance box if:

  • Can crawl
  • Can stand
  • Can pulls up

Make sure your baby is moving independently, this means that they can crawl from one place to another. Are they able to stand independently and balance for a short period and the final thing to check for is if your little one kneels and then pulls themselves up to stand? 

If they are doing all of these, then you can introduce the balance box with confidence.

Safety Tips for Using Balance Box Walker

Just like with any walker, it is so important that you watch your baby at all times. When you let them use, the walker makes sure that the area they are walking in is clear of all dangerous objects and that it is a flat surface, with stairs securely closed off.

4 Benefits of Balance Box Baby Walker

There are a few reasons to use the Balance Box as your walker of choice, we are going to discuss a few of the benefits to help you make your decision.

1. Don’t Worry about Speed

The balance box is a baby wooden push walker without wheels, this makes it easier for your little one to control it as it will not pick up speed and potential end up in them falling over. Instead of wheels the balance box has spring loaded feet that move up and down, allowing the box to glide over carpets, tiles and wooden floors.

Balance Box Baby Walker benefits

The benefit to your baby is that they can move at their pace and are in control of how and where the walker moves. As a parent this also offers you peace of mind that your toddler isn’t racing across the room uncontrollably.

2. Multifunctional

The Little Balance Box 2-in-1 baby walker also comes with a few different uses. The top of the box is closed with clear plexiglass that is safe for baby, but it turns the box into a little table that your toddler can use long after they have started to walk.

It is a light weight so you can move it around – taking it from room to room for your toddler to use as table. The clear plexiglass is also super easy to clean. 

3. Harmless

When you compare this walker to other push walkers on the market, this one definitely comes out tops in terms of safety. It does not have moving parts that can fall off and hurt your little one or become choking hazards. It is super easy to set up and use.

Due to the fact it does not have wheels means it is sturdy for your little, there is little risk of it toppling over onto your baby as they pull themselves up. It is also an eco-friendly walker made from bamboo and is both BPA and PVC free.

4. Works Well on All Surfaces

As we have mentioned this wooden Balance Box baby walker does not come with wheels, so you do not have to worry about scuff marks on your tiled or wooden floors.

The feet are covered with silicone “booties” that have been designed to increase traction for babies who are walking on wood or tile – making it safe for them and safe for your floors.

The silicone covers will glide over the floor and not scratch or scuff it. The feet will also not leave marks or scuffs on your carpet. You really can use this walker on any flat surface safely.

Specs & Features You Want to Know More About

The Box Walker was designed by a mother and a physical therapist who understands the challenges both parents and babies face when it comes to walking. The eco-friendly, compact design of this walker make it a great choice for new parents.

  • Structure: As the name suggests the box walker is box shaped and has been made from bamboo wood that is BPA and PVC free. The sturdy frame has a sheet of plexiglass secured onto the top, adding to the integrity of the design.
  • Feet: There are springs in the legs of the walker that help with stability. The feet are made of nylon which provides enough traction for babies to cruise around without picking up too much momentum.
  • Maintenance: Looking after the box walker is easy. You can simply wipe the top and sides off with a damp cloth. There are no moving parts, so you don’t have to worry about parts popping off.
  • Perfect height: The box walker has been designed to be the perfect height for babies and toddlers. It works well as a walker and a table toddler can eat and draw on.

Bad News about Balance Box Baby Walker

When you are looking for new products for your baby it is good to do thorough research, including what some of the downsides are to a product. These are a few of the cons of the box walker.

  • Pay attention: The box walker looks just like a side table so there is a risk your child may start pushing other tables around which are not as safe and secure as the walker.
  • DIY: You do have to assemble the box walker yourself and not everyone enjoys having to put things together and might find it tricky. Here you can check the Little Balance Box Assembly Video.
  • Potential problems: Babies are adventurous and once they start getting mobile, they start climbing on anything, including the walker and this is not particularly safe.


Is balance box walker working on carpet? 

Yes, the balance box works well on carpets. It has been designed to support walking on any type of floors, including carpets. 

What material is the tabletop made of?

The tabletop of the Box Walker is made from Plexiglass which is safe for your baby and will not shatter.

Can my baby push balance box toy? 

Yes, your baby or toddler will be able to push the balance box easily. It has springs in the feet which allow it to move when pushed. 

Is Balance Box baby walker safe for 1-year old baby? 

Yes, the box walker is safe for a 1-year-old baby to use. 

Final Words

We hope we have provided you with valuable information about the Balance Box baby walker to help you make your decision about which walker will work best for your baby. Check the price here!

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