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Baby is trying to run on the beach

5 Reasons to Choose a Baby Push Walker over a Classic Baby Walker

It is important to teach our children independence while helping them progress when they reach developmental milestones.

When your little one is building her strength, beginning to stand on her own and getting ready for those first steps, you can help her feel confident and practice taking those steps on her own with the help of a baby walker.

There are TWO BASIC TYPES of baby walkers: push walkers and classic walkers.

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When Can a Baby Start Using a Push Walker?

When Can a Baby Start Using a Push Walker?

When can a baby start using a push walker? This is a question many new parents ask as their baby gets bigger and starts showing signs of wanting to walk.

We are going to help you figure out when it is baby push walker time and whether or not baby push walkers are good or bad.

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5 reasons why push walkers are good for baby

5 Reasons Why Push Walkers Are Good for Your Baby

Is your baby showing signs they want to start walking? Maybe they are pulling themselves up or standing on their own. If they are, you may be wondering why push walkers are good for baby.

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Balance bike vs scooter for toddlers

Balance Bike Vs Scooter for Toddler – What is the Best Option?

Your baby is now a toddler and is on the move constantly. Now is the time to start looking at a balance bike vs a scooter for your toddler.

Each type of bike comes with its own set of pros and cons, we are going to help you figure out which one is best for your toddler.

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How much tv should toddler watch

How Much TV Should a Toddler Watch?

How much TV should a toddler watch? As a parent you have probably asked yourself that question a few times. It can feel overwhelming sometimes to find the right balance.

We believe that the answer to this question is teach your child how to navigate the world of technology and screens by teaching them how to manage their own time.

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Baby proofing home

Things to Pay Attention to When Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby proofing is likely not the first thing on your mind as soon as your baby is born. After all, they will not be mobile for quite some time. However, the time will pass before you know it, and you will begin to see potential danger around every corner.

As a parent, this is one of the biggest and most important tasks you will undertake. You will need to take care and pay special attention to a few specific things when baby proofing your home.

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Baby walker cleaning

How to Clean and Maintain a Baby Walker

As parents, we have a love-hate relationship with baby walkers. On one hand, they are big and bulky, hard to store, and can run over toes.

On the other, they provide a safe place for baby to play and practice walking while giving parents a much-needed, well-deserved break.

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